Recovery Day 1

Ryleigh had a relatively good night after her surgery. It was much better than her first night after her last surgery. Ryleigh is coping better with the pain and knows that if she moves, rests, moves she will recover faster.

She is really chatty and is telling lots of stories and making witty comments. She will start a conversation and begin talking for a fair few minutes and then proceed to tell Chloe and I to stop talking to her so she can go to sleep.

She is eating ice chips and that does not seem to be disagreeing with her stomach. She is not as sick with the morphine because she is not using the patient controlled pain management device as much.
Today Ryleigh will rest but I am hoping that tomorrow she will be willing to do a bit more.

All three of us are being cautiously optimistic that this is the last of the series of unfortunate medical events for Ryleigh. We are so ready to leave the hospital and get on with things.

4 responses to “Recovery Day 1”

  1. and we are so ready to visit with you, fingers crossed!

  2. as do we Jo. as do we. i wish for the best. if i prayed, i would pray for the best as well!

  3. Just want to say I’m still with you in mind and heart. Thinking of you…

  4. Thinking of you as well…

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