Recovery…slow and..??

The recovery process continues to be challenging. This time around Ryleigh is managing her pain better.  But, she is way more fatigued and weary.  Her sense of perseverance has dwindled and she finds encouragement and being enthusiastic annoying.  So we are quietly cheering on the edges of the room.  Ryleigh did too much physically yesterday – so today she spent a lot of time napping today.  We have to pace her more slowly and understand that she will recover.  Unfortunately, it looks like we will not be going to Mythbusters. One of the childlife workers here at the hospital is going to find another family who could use a nice break from the hospital.  I know they will enjoy the show as much as we would have. 

Ryleigh’s stomach is starting to mend again.  There is some concern that she may have scarring and adhesions again so we are all watching for the signs.  Ryleigh’s hemoglobin has dropped but the only sign she is showing is tiredness and paleness.  So we will watch for other signs like feeling faint and dizzy. 

Tomorrow Ryleigh is going to try standing up but just for a week bit – she thinks about 10 seconds or so.  It is a good goal and hopefully she can do it as we are all eager to have her get better and get out of here.  This seems like deja vu -as we seemed to have been through all of this before — I guess the experience is good to have.  I just hope it all ends better. 

3 responses to “Recovery…slow and..??”

  1. oh my, what a test of perseverance…we love you and miss you and are also
    ” quietly cheering from the edge of a room” hugs!

  2. this is truly one amazing strong child being supported by an amazing strong mother and a amazing strong sister…all of you rock

  3. Slow and steady wins the race. Prayers, wisdom and blessings on you for this journey:)

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