Ryleigh out of surgery!

Ryleigh is out of surgery and did remarkably well. She had two spots that had bowel obstructions due to scarring.  They had to remove her stoma and work on the spots and then create a new stoma. She will need to go through the same process of recovery as before. Some concern it could happen again — we are now very aware of the signs! 

The hard part now is pain and recovery.  Hopefully this will be the last time.  Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts. 

6 responses to “Ryleigh out of surgery!”

  1. Wonderful news! Praying continually for physical healing and mental,spiritual and emotional strength for you all. Glad to know that a cause was found and praying all heals well this time around:)

  2. praying as I write this, much love!

  3. keep strong. we need you to be…

  4. Great – thanks for updating Jo, it means a lot to me that I can know what is happening with things like this. Thinking about you all the time. Hoping and praying for Ryleigh to have a smooth recovery now. Poor kid needs it, little sweetheart! XO

  5. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    Prayers answered….THANKYOU LORD!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the news Jo! There are loving arms around you, Ryleigh, and Chloe!

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