Still Waiting…

Still Waiting...

Ryleigh will be having surgery today. She cannot have surgery until after 3 as they have to make sure she is safe because they had to turn off her anticoagulant. It didn’t happen until 10:30
Ryleigh improved a bit on Sunday but actually went downhill a bit with her output of fluids from ostomy and increase of fluid from her stomach. It should be going the opposite way more out of ostomy and less out of stomach.

The surgeon informed us that because they are not sure what is causing the intestinal blockage they will not be able to do it via laparoscopy. She will use the same incision but it will be about two inches longer. They have to take the intestine out and look for the blockage. It could be adhesions, hernia or something else I cannot pronounce. There is a possibility that part of the small intestine could be damaged and they may need to have to do a resection. This is cutting out the diseased part and then putting it together again.

Ryleigh is more relaxed for this surgery — she knows the surgeons and knows the process. She wanted her hair washed and braided before so that it would not get all messy again. She is in fairly good spirits and can’t wait until she is better. She is tired from this whole thing and has been a bit sad off and on. She knows how long and hard recovery is and is frustrated to do it all over again.

When Ryleigh was having her first surgery I bought tickets to go see Mythbusters in Abbotsford on March 17. I wrote the company an e-mail and told them how much Ryleigh loves the mythbusting! They agreed to giving us passes for the meet and greet so that Ryleigh (and Chloe) could meet Adam and Jamie.
Unfortunately, the surgeon does not think she will be ready to leave the hospital and be off some of her lines. So we are sad…we are going to go get the tickets and wait until Saturday or Sunday morning. Maybe we can find another family that could go.
Ryleigh’s health is more important…I wonder if Jamie and Adam would come to the hospital for a visit?

3 responses to “Still Waiting…”

  1. Make sure to write them back and tell if you can’t make it. Maybe they would come to her. Lol

  2. Oh, I hope they do!! What a spirit lifter that would be for Ryleigh!

  3. any motivation or bright spots in her day, let alone her life would be welcome. she deserves it!

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