A Reminder of Home…

A Reminder  of Home...

This is our ninth week in a row of being here. I had heard there was a Tim Horton’s some where on site. With the help of a neurology med student toting a Timmies coffee ( we recognized from Ryleigh’s earlier care) , we got directions and I am enjoying my double double.
There are no other Tim Horton’s close to the hospital or Easter Seals house so this was a nice find. The bonus is that it is Roll up the Rim! Maybe our luck will change and we will win a RAV4.

Note: Caffeine has helped me deal with the lack of sleep and coping with all of the late nights, early mornings…but does not help with bags under the eyes!

2 responses to “A Reminder of Home…”

  1. rrrrrrr……….rrrrrroll up the rim to win! i wish you more success than i! granted, Makenna of all people won 3 in a row! yes, i heard all about it each time.

  2. You look fabulous. In addition to my thoughts of you and your family, I will now think of you every morning when I drive thru:)

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