Surgery #2

It was determined that Ryleigh will need to have surgery unless in the next 12 hours or so she shows a remarkable recovery.  She has only improved a little bit and the team of doctors would expect after the regime she is enduring right now with the NG tube she should be recovering and feeling better.  But she is not. 

Because her last xray was inconclusive they are not sure what is blocking her bowel.  They are thinking it is adhesions or scar tissue.  Ryleigh is scheduled for surgery Tuesday afternoon.  They are not sure what the surgery will entail until they can actually see what is going on. We hope it can be a quick and easy fix.  Then the road to recovery once again.

Our dear Ryleigh has been put through so much.  I wonder why she doesn’t get more mad or yell or scream or something. She continues to take things in stride. Chloe and I cannot wait until she is back to her bubbly self again like she was last week.  Ryleigh can’t wait either! 


6 thoughts on “Surgery #2

  1. Reading the last post to this one, I can only imagine the roller coaster. I truly hope that this will allow for some relief. Ryleigh is a remarkable young woman, absolutely amazing. I think about the day when she is 30+ and she can reflect with the wisdom of our Nana on this point in her life. I think that she has some amazing coping strategies and a fantastic family behind her. Stay strong lil’ triangle of love! xoxoxo

  2. Jo, I cannot begin to imagine your journey. You and the girls are such a strong team….am so glad you have each other. Much, much love ,prayers and good thoughts…you are all loved, admired and respected by so many of us…..will be with you today as you continue your journey…. miss you!

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