Ryleigh is making slow improvements. We still have to wait and see if she is getting better. The surgeons were in today and happy with some of the small progressions to recovering from her blockage. It looks like the “kink” or partial blockage may be working itself out. This is because her small bowel is resting and it has “deflated” or relaxed. Hopefully as it starts to work again the kink will not come back.
Two signs we are looking for are Ryleigh passing gas through her stoma and her fluid from her stomach being clear. She has passed some gas — who would have thought we would get so excited about “farts”. When she passes gas her ostomy pouch puffs out like a balloon. It is exciting to see it puffed out! Our lives have definitely been altered being excited about body processes.
Ryleigh is finding the tube down her throat very irritating and wishes it could come out. However, she does not want to be vomiting all the time either. She spends her time reading Hunger Games from her IPAD or watching shows on Netflix. She has lost the recovery energy she had last week and it looks like she will be starting over again regaining her strength. She seems more frail and weak this time.
Her resolve has been challenged too. Her spirit has crumpled a bit and it will take some time for her to feel like the world is not against her. Hard go for a 12 year old. We will know more tomorrow about whether she will need surgery or not. I think not but the events of the last couple of months has taught me to be cautiously optimistic and prepare for the worse! Crossing our fingers that she will be out before the end of the week — we have made special plans for the weekend, I hope we don’t have to cancel.

2 responses to “Keeping”

  1. Let’s hope that things can be will be! On the way to wellness! What a difficult passage it has been…surely it is time! ❤

  2. Thankful for any small progress:) Be strengthened and encouraged for He will never leave you or forsake you. Lots of ((Hugs))

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