Tough Nite/Tough Day

Ryleigh has finally settled into a sleep after not sleeping at all last night.  She was vomiting and in pain most of the night despite medication to try to help it.  At around 1:30 in the morning they placed a tube down her nose – throat- tummy to suction out the fluids in her stomach. The tube was not working properly so 2 hours later the nurses had to take out the first tube and put in a bigger one. This one did the trick and she has now stopped vomiting.

Ryleigh had 3 tests done today to get a look at her stomach and small intestine. Apparently, she has a partial blockage in her small intestine. They are not sure what is causing the blockage but are going to let her rest and see if that will help it take are of itself. If she gets worse or does not improve over the next few days then they will have to operate to repair the damage small intestine.

Chloe and I are in a bit of shock. I am exhausted — in the last 60 hours I have had 4 hours sleep. I am heading for a rest as Ryleigh is still sleeping. I need some sleep.

3 responses to “Tough Nite/Tough Day”

  1. Oh my gosh Jo, I hope all is going to be okay. Hope you were able to get some sleep. xoxoxo

  2. Hope you managed to sleep and they find some answers quickly . Hugs.

  3. oh my goodness, hang in there you guys. Much, much love and prayers!

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