Comfortably Uncomfortable

Comfortably Uncomfortable

After a day of tests and procedures Ryleigh is as comfortable as she can be. Her NG tube is helping get rid of bile that is in her tummy so her vomiting has stopped. Her morphine is given every 4 hours – keeps the pain dulled for her. She needs to rest her bowels as much as possible so that they can heal and possibly the obstruction will go rescind and her body will work properly again. If not then she will need another surgery.
It looks like we will have to start at square one again with Ryleigh’s reconditioning. This round of issues has really taken a toll on her – she is weak and exhausted.
She is tired of all of this and in one of the wee hours in the morning she asked if she could be sedated until this was all over. “I just want to sleep through all of this mom”. What can you say to that….instead she worked through each pain surge and dealt with the vomiting. She is truly an inspiration.

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