Spoke to soon…

In my last blog I wondered if I was feeling a bit of withdrawal as my adrenaline and cortisol levels have been reduced as we have been 6 days out of hospital. Nope just plain old exhaustion.

Right now I am in an emergency room with Ryleigh. She fell asleep about 20 minutes ago. Ryleigh started having some issues with the site on the side of her neck where they inserted the catheter to place her clot filter. It was oozing pus and blood yesterday and some today. I was more concerned when the area went from a small dot to a larger red area that is the size and feel of a marble.
It looks like she will need intravenous antibiotics tonight. IV number 13 – whew. Not sure how long we will be here tonight. They are trying to get a consult from the GI team. They want blood work also. This will take time.
Understandably Ryleigh is very upset, angry, and very frustrated. I dont blame her.
I hope we don’t spend the whole night here!

3 responses to “Spoke to soon…”

  1. What a bummer!!Hope every thing went well and that they continue to go well.

  2. I hope things are looking brighter in the morning light! and they continue in that direction…

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