Slow and Steady…

Another day closer to us coming home. We had a very laid back day – I seem to have a bit of a bug although I am wondering if it is adrenaline withdrawal?!!! The last weeks have been so intense that just having some down time is a different feeling. Ryleigh and I ventured out to Oakridge Mall and had supper at White Spot. It was a two bus ride for us and it was good to have Ryleigh moving in different environments. Stairs are the hardest thing for her but she admits the cane makes it way easier.

Ryleigh had another nose bleed but it did not last that long. She also has major bruises on her legs from the injections. They are huge! I am not sure if this is typical or not. We connect with the hematology nurse tomorrow and hopefully she can answer some questions.

Chloe comes back from an almost 2 week stay in Edmonton at my sister’s place this Saturday. Ryleigh and I have missed her and look forward to seeing her again. Our little room at Easter Seal’s house will be crowded but we don’t mind. Maybe it will be a motivation for Ryleigh to get out more.


5 responses to “Slow and Steady…”

  1. White spot…..yummmmm

  2. So great to read! Probably is the adrenaline withdrawal; your brain has decided it doesn’t have to be on high alert, now, just alert, and maybe you really need the rest:) hugs to all! I’m glad you three can be together this weekend:)

  3. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    Praise God for small mercies!!! Keep up the good, (& positive), progress.

  4. I have been following your Blogs. Glad to hear things are looking up,
    Praying that Ryleigh will continue to heal and that you will have the health and strength to get through each day one day at a time. You will continue to be in my prayers!

  5. WOW! Just did some “light” reading on your blog. We are glad that there seems to be a light starting at the end of this tunnel. How lucky are the two of you to have each other at this time.

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