“Perseverance is not a long race. It is many short races one after another.” – W. Elliot

Should be thankful that we had 6 hospital/medical free days. Was difficult to make the decision last night to go to emergency. Ryleigh agreed that she should get checked.

We took a cab to BCCH Emergency. This is one part of the hospital that I am not familiar with but was impressed by the way that it is organized. When you enter they immediately get you to check in and do a quick assessment. Then they have a waiting area for the intake nurse. We only waited about 5 minutes. The intake nurse did the standard vitals, got information about Ryleigh and then sent us to registration to get a medical wristband. They have screens up that tell you how long the wait time will be — it was going to be 4 hours. I had expected as much – it is cold and flu season and the waiting room was packed. I was a little concerned about the coughing and sniffles around us as Ryleigh’s immunity is compromised due to her treatments.
No need to worry – the intake nurse was right on it. The nurse took us down to an alternative waiting room that had nobody else in it. We sat down with the intention that we would be waiting for awhile. I was prepared — I brought my knitting! Yes, you heard that right. I figured out a simple pattern for a knitted hat. I worked on it and Ryleigh used her IPad. We settled in knowing that our turn would come eventually.
About 30 minutes later we were brought to a room. Now, anyone who is familiar with emergency room protocol know that it is not first come, first serve — it is based on patient’s needs. So,when Ryleigh was seen less than an hour after entering, I was a little concerned. I asked the nurse and he said because she was a patient with a complex history as well as being on prednisone she was bumped up. I have never been one to complain about waiting times at emergency or doctor’s offices. I have always felt that waiting meant that stellar health care was occurring – that the nurses and doctors are not trying to rush people through but are spending the time necessary to care for their patients. It is my job to explain the concerns I have for my daughter’s and advocate the best I can. But complaining and being negative does not help any situation. This may seem to be naive but I refuse to be negative about things like this that I really have no control over.
After the nurse and doctor looked over Ryleigh – it was decided that she needed to have blood work done and intravenous antibiotics. We were not sure how long she was going to be in. At this point – Ryleigh had a bit of melt down. I totally understood – she is very tired of hospitals. AND she was going to have another IV placed in her hand. The nurse did a great job getting the IV in on the first try but unfortunately because of the blood thinner she bled a bit and that was scary for her.
Each of the emergency care rooms at BCCH have access to a DVD and a TV. So we hunkered down and started watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Roderick Rules as her IV started giving her the antibiotics she needed. Yes, you non-believers, I continued knitting. The care continued to be stellar – emergency care is different then upstairs but nevertheless excellent. They called Ryleigh’s GI team who did not want Ryleigh to be in the hospital for anymore time that was absolutely necessary knowing how Ryleigh must have been feeling. So after her blood work came back they decided to let her have one dose of IV antibiotics and then she could go home with a prescription for antibiotics to take every 6 hours.
We arrived back at Easter Seals House in the wee hours of the morning. Ryleigh and I had a snack and then headed to bed knowing that she had a 7:30 injection of her Enoxaparin and we had to get up soon.
Needless to say we spent most of today resting. I can tell Ryleigh is feeling a bit under the weather. She had a nap in the afternoon. I went to get her prescription and found out she had to take the medicine on an empty stomach — this caused great difficulty for Ryleigh as she is hungry almost all the time because of the steroids. But she figured out a plan and used her IPad to set up a medication and eating schedule. Basically medication is at 7:30 and 1:30 Eating is between 8:30-11:30 and 2:30-5:30. That could work. However, I guess I am getting up at 1:30 a.m. or staying up…whatever works.
So, this was not a serious medical issue but it was one that had to be taken care of. An infection could become a serious medical issue. It was a good reminder that I need to continue to b vigilant in looking for any changes in her health and/or demeanor. Another short race finished!

Earlier yesterday- Ryleigh and I went to a pool in the area. It was called Hillcrest Center. It was where the curling occurred for the Olympics and they have made it into a community center. It was amazing. The actual physical building was beautiful. The building had a library, rink, pool, work out gym, activity rooms, and a snack bar/coffee shop. It is a family oriented building with activities for all ages. Seeing families, teenagers, retirees, and others participating in the various activities at the center.
Swimming with Ryleigh was such a wonderful time. It cost 6.75 and we were able to exercise in a more enjoyable and helpful way. The water was great for her sore leg. It was fun because there were different things to do. Water basketball, volleyball, water fountains, tag games, hot tub, steam room, and wading pools.
I know that the referendum is coming up for the pool in Vanderhoof. I understand the issues regarding taxes and money to maintain the pool. However, this would be such an amazing option for Vanderhoof. It would provide a central hub for positive activity. When I saw all the positive interactions between parents, kids, teens, and adults. There was a feeling of community. I think this would be what a pool would offer for Vanderhoof. Please vote with this in mind.

4 responses to ““Perseverance is not a long race. It is many short races one after another.” – W. Elliot”

  1. YOU are amazing! Ryleigh, i love your meds/eating schedule. What a team! I hope you have a very boring weekend, in the kindest way possible. Bedknobs and Broomsticks, anyone????
    Singing “we shall overcome” over and over….. Sweet dreams,

  2. Glad to hear that inspite of more medical attention, you and Ryleigh were able to find relief at the pool. How amazing would that be for Vanderhoof to finally agree on the construction of a similar building! Can you imagine the uplifting feeling and increased health for the whole community?

    Are you going to be posting pics of your knitting, Jo?

    I pray that this newest infection succumbs quickly to the antibiotics and that Ryleigh continues to strengthen and heal. It should be a sunny weekend!

  3. Schedules, knitting, and pools, oh my!!! Thoughts and prayers😄

  4. Thanks for the updates Jo. I’m thinking of you and Ryleigh often, sending love and prayers. P.S. Kudos on the knitting, I gave up after a week! 🙂

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