Ryleigh’s Way…

Ryleigh Dr. Who

Thank you to the wonderful town of Vanderhoof for helping us say “See Ya Later” to our darling Ryleigh.  It was an amazing night of love, kindness, and compassion.  Ryleigh wanted her life to be celebrated and it sure was a night of food,  music, laughter, tears, and stories of love and even some dancing.  It was so joyful for me to hear the ways that she lived her life in a positive way – something I will aspire to do every moment.  Her strength and courage will allow me to carry on and help make the world a better place; Ryleigh’s way… with love, laughter, smiles, humour, deep thinking, and kindness.  I love you Ryleigh, you will always be my treasure and joy.  Thank you for letting me be your mom.

One response to “Ryleigh’s Way…”

  1. Vanderhoof is a special community and this is a great place to live. Jo, you are a true gift to Vanderhoof by contributing so much, making this community even more special. Ryleigh is gone far too early, but is not forgotten. Her legacy and memories will be forever remembered in our hearts. Ryleigh is in peace, and she was lucky to have you as a mom as you were lucky to have her as a daughter. See ya later Ryleigh

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