Saying farewell…you were loved, my darling Ryleigh

My heart is so burdened and heavy. My lovely, caring sparkle of joy is gone. She has gone to some place where there is no pain or struggle. My heart and body aches with the sadness and feeling of emptiness.  She was an amazing young woman and I am so proud and honoured to call her my daughter.  I will continue to blog as it is so a way to process my thoughts and feelings. Thank you to everyone who had been with us since day one.  We can cry and then move on to remembering and living our lives with purpose and gratitude.  Ryleigh want us to do that.  LOVE to all of those that are caring and remembering.

6 responses to “Saying farewell…you were loved, my darling Ryleigh”

  1. So many prayers said for you and your girls, Jo. I will continue to pray for strength, good memories, and the presence of close friends as you and Chloe carry on. Ryleigh’s battle is over; you are an amazingly supportive and determined mother who did more than everything to find her joy in this life. Rest in that knowledge.

  2. She will always be with you, Jo, always…

  3. I can’t pretend to imagine what you are feeling but I do believe its not always the words people say to you as much as it is the fact that someone is saying something.with love. So I comment to share my love to you and Chloe. You do not grieve alone! My found memories of Gr 6 with her is flooding my mind. They are precious and I’ll hold on to them for a long long time.

  4. I’m holding you in my heart Jo and Chloe.
    Remembering is **forever**


  5. We think about you and your girls often and check your blog almost daily to look for updates. We are so very sorry to hear about Ryleigh. Sending you so many waggy tails, wet noses and sloppy kisses.

  6. I will always be here for you and Chloe! Hugs and love you both ❤

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