Celebrating a milestone…


We spent the last couple of days doing typical things. There were no hospital appointments which was strange but a relief as well.

I found a party store that was absolutely amazing…it was like a party dollar store! I enjoyed the time alone preparing for the evening – the saleswoman asked how my day was going. I had to pause and think about as I was somewhat unfamiliar with the sense that I was doing something somewhat typical.

Ryleigh had a very good day helping decorate for Chloe’s “party”. She was excited to make things all pretty and decorative. She waited anxiously for Chloe to return from her day with her Dad. Chloe got to go to one of her favourite places in Vancouver – the Zoo. She loves animals and is interested in possibly becoming a zoologist to study animal behaviour.

We all played poker. I had a hard time remembering all the values for our “money” which was candy! The girls spent a lot of time laughing and teasing each other – and their Mom! It was all in good fun.

A day that allowed me to recharge as I know that more stressful days as once again around the corner.

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