Chloe is turning 16!!

Chloe is very excited…She is turning 16! Unfortunately, this will be the second year that she will spend her birthday in Vancouver. She is making the most of not celebrating with her friends but is especially happy because her Dad is going to make the long drive down with his partner, Tina, to help her celebrate. We are planning a birthday party in the apartment eating appetizers, playing “candy” poker, and having cake from a delicious French bakery.
Also, Chloe has been studying the driving manual and she will be taking her written test to get her L. I just have to be okay with her driving! I cannot believe that time has gone by so fast. I will say that she has definitely had her share of life experiences crammed into a short period of time. She continues to show such strength and determination no matter what comes her way.

I am so proud of her! Happy Birthday to my kind hearted, caring, intelligent, and lovely daughter!


It has been +31 days since Ryleigh had her stem cell transplant. We have been back in the apartment now for a week since Ryleigh’s discharge. Ryleigh is still on step down isolation so when she leaves the house she needs to wear a mask and be careful when out and about. Ryleigh has completed two appointments at the oncology clinic for follow-up. So far so good regarding her blood counts and she is also doing very well as she has not shown any signs of infection or fever. She is getting tired of me asking her to take her temperature – we have negotiated to twice a day unless we notice something different in the way she looks or acts.

Chloe and I are wanting so badly for the energetic Ryleigh – however, she is dealing with continued fatigue. She is extremely fatigued which the doctor said would be an issue. She struggles with regular activities and we are learning how to help her pace throughout the day to recondition. Her physiotherapist has given her some exercises and ideas to help strengthen her muscles and endurance. As her mom, I am finding it challenging to know when to give her a loving nudge to do some of these activities or just let her be. I am sure most parents of teens struggle with this same dilemma but in other circumstances. Trusting your teen and giving them some independence and autonomy but yet still giving direction when needed.

We are still waiting to find out when we can come home. Ryleigh’s attending physician, Dr. Davis, will be back on Monday and we can discuss the plan for coming home. Currently, she is required to be checked twice a week – for symptoms and her blood work. It will be moved to one day…a week and then hopefully once a month which means we can come home. We will wait and see.

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  1. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY CHLOE….and made GOD continue to bless you all….

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