Understanding Chronic/Complex Pain

One of Chloe’s health care professionals (a psychologist) recommended this video to explain what Chloe is experiencing. It is only 5 minutes long and I liked how it is explained. Important to remember that Chloe is not faking or making up the pain — she is truly experiencing it. Her nervous system is confused and thinks that she is in pain even with the simplest movement, bump or touch. There are times that it is non-existent and then times when it is unbearable. The pain results in her being extremely fatigued and at times unable to do simple activities or tasks. She has embraced all “5” strategies that are recommended and is working as hard as she can to get better. Right now she is trying to do an activity like shopping, visiting Ryleigh, going for a walk, etc for 30 minutes twice a day. She has appointments with the adolescent team this week with one doctor who specializes in complex pain. As well as appointments next week with a psychologist to help her with coping skills and her worries (which contributes to the neurological system being overstimulated and working overtime!). This will take time and adjustments….but the best thing for her is to try and learn how to live with the pain and cope the best she can.

3 thoughts on “Understanding Chronic/Complex Pain

  1. Excellent video, loved all the info and the drawings. Makes it easy for all ages to and backgrounds to better understand what is going on!

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