When it seems the darkest…there is hope

When it seems the darkest...there is hope

In a few hours Ryleigh will be facing her third surgery this year. She has been brave but last night in the wee hours of the morning she had lots of questions that I could not answer — will this time be the one
that fixes everything so I can feel better? Why can’t the doctors make me feel less yucky? How come each time I am told I will feel better, I don’t?
I find myself asking the same questions and the only answer I can muster is HOPE.
Hope that Ryleigh will feel better to start living a normal teen life!
Hope that surgery goes smoothly and Ryleigh has a quick recovery with no complications!
Hope that Chloe will have a few moments today of being pain free!
Hoping my own illness will be quiet so I can care for my two amazing daughters!
Hope that we will be coming home next week!

I realize that hope is the word we use when so many things are out of our control. It is a kind word that soothes the anxious moments late at night. It is the energy I feel from the countless selfless acts others have shown me. It is what gets me through each day!

2 responses to “When it seems the darkest…there is hope”

  1. Uncle Ron and Aunt Helen Enns Avatar
    Uncle Ron and Aunt Helen Enns

    Hope and Faith are very important Give our love to both the girls
    Uncle Ron And Aunt Helen Enns

  2. Hope, and faith are what I am trying to draw on for you. Faith that you and your girls will all be taken care if in the right way and that you will get what you need at the right time. Sometimes that’s a lot harder than having hope, but I think faith can create peace of mind. I admire people who seem to always have faith. Wishing you both Jo!

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