All of the struggle worth it….


Ryleigh has been discharged today. We are happy and exhausted. She still needs one on one care as she has difficulty moving and doing things on her own. We are all learning how to deal with her ostomy with cleanings and replacing. A huge learning curve but we are meeting the challenge.

She needs to go to some follow up appointments but we are aiming to be home by April 6! We will spend the time in Vancouver resting on our own schedule not the schedules of others.

I am so played out that this post has become very minimalist — Ryleigh is getting better, Chloe continues to be strong, and we are all working on being outside of the hospital.

12 responses to “All of the struggle worth it….”

  1. Hope you can hear our cheers of victory for you Ryleigh, Jo & Chloe!! We hope your next few days are restful and move you a step closer to home each day!

  2. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie


  3. ahhh, hope you can take some time to relax, Jo. We are with you in spirit…and as Paul would say ” are in your corner”. Much, much love and warm wishes, from the warm Okanagan…

  4. Whooooo hoooooo!! Cheering for you all. Yes, take the time it takes so everything heals well and good! Rest from the deep exhaustion and enjoy this new learning stage of the journey. Vanderhoof should have less snow by the 6th, anyway, and the weather will be warmer for Ryleigh. Thanks for the posts and sharing. It feels so good to share in your journey! One small step at a time:) hugs to all!

  5. ❤seems to be most appropriate for me!

  6. Kick back… and… RELAXXXXX !!! Man!!! have you three earned it!!! : )

  7. Yay! Another victory! Can’t wait to see you all again at home. It will give us a chance to nurture and take care of you, help “fill your bucket”.

  8. Good news for you all. I hope you enjoy the next week and look forward to seeing you. Can we put some meals in the freezer – what are some Ryleigh favourites?

  9. Wow! So glad to hear things are looking up! Looking forward to seeing you guys back in Vanderhoof. Davy

    Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 05:50:28 +0000 To:

  10. BRILLIANT! So happy and proud of all you! xoxoxo

  11. Yea!!! Super news! Just breathe…

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