Brave and Strong
Brave and Strong

What an outstanding day. I feel like a 10 tonne weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Life has been altered slightly with a few adjustments as Ryleigh ventures into the real world but they are minor compared to the challenges she has faced over the last two years.

Ryleigh woke up today like a typical almost teenager – complaining about not being able to sleep in on a Saturday morning. But she had meds to take, vitals to be done, and visits from the doctors. Grumbling she woke up just enough to do those tasks and then begged me to go back to sleep for awhile. I agreed and went to pick up Chloe and had a tasty breakfast at de Dutch.

When we arrived back to the room Ryleigh was awake and happy to see us. She was feeling energetic and wanted to use her daypass to get out and about. I thought it was a grand idea…we had to wash her hair first. She ventured to have a shower which would be her first with an ostomy. We learned a few things about showering and ostomies — press and seal works much better than plain saran wrap and tape!!!

Ryleigh had a craving for her IHOP pancakes and eggs…she can’t eat sausage anymore as the casings can block her stoma so she opted for bacon. We also went to London Drugs to get her own hair dryer — it is an important tool for ostomates — helps heat the phalanges for the seal on her ostomy piece that sticks to her skin and to dry her ostomy pouch after showering, swimming,etc. But Ryleigh did not want to go home…she felt energetic enough to go to a movie. We headed out to see the Croods…a rather enjoyable family movie. Ryleigh was giggling and laughing but tried to stop herself a her stomach muscles are still healing from her surgery. It was one of those hurts so good moments!

We left the movie theater and had a lovely drive back to the hospital. It was a lovely sunny day — when we left the parkade Ryleigh almost sparkled like a vampire as it has been weeks since she has been out in the sunshine.

It is looking very positive that Ryleigh will be discharged as an outpatient on Monday..I am relieved, excited, and very happy. Looks like we could be back in Vanderhoof in 10 days or so…(I try not to be cynical as I say this..as I have said it before!). Home doesn’t look so far away now.

8 responses to “A FUNTASTIC DAY!”

  1. So glad to hear the goooooood news when I saw the video my heart went out to hner she was so happy it brought tears to my eyes. I am praying it all continues. Take care

  2. RY, YOU’RE AWESOME!!! So PROUD of YOU! What a triumphant! Love you all.

  3. Wow, I am almost in tears as I read this. Glad you had such a great day and Ryleigh is up for more adventure! Can’t wait to see you!

  4. great to see that smile and to hear the smile in Jo’s voice.

  5. I check your blog daily and have followed the ups and “too many” downs. My heart has gone out to all of you. You all have been through an unbelievable experience,.. I truly can’t believe what a STRONG trio You and your Girls are! I am soooo happy to hear this positive news and hope that is all we hear from here on out!! You three ROCK!!

  6. Really glad to hear you had a good day! 🙂

  7. That sunshine can add the extra glow in life, awesome news!!

  8. Wonderful!! Loved that it “hurt so good”! :0)

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