Surgery Over!

Ryleigh’s surgery went really well. She is in her own room on 3R and continues to be well taken care of.  Her surgery was 41/2 hours from start to finish.  The surgeons shared that everything went as planned.  The only little blip is that her hemoglobin counts had dropped this morning and so she had a blood transfusion right before surgery.

The key now for the next few days is pain management and getting her digestive system to compensate for not having a large intestine anymore.  They are good at making her comfortable and helping her with the pain that she is feeling.  She continues to be on the pump and helps control the amount of pain medication that she gets. 

Her stomach looks amazing.  The stoma is in but it will take a few days for the small intestine to compensate for the job the large intestine did.  The large intestine absorbs all of the water the body takes in  and so know the small intestine has to learn to do this for her. 

All in all – this has been a positive day. 

12 responses to “Surgery Over!”

  1. Wonderful news! Lots of prayer for your family today. Hopefully all will go well with the healing process. I have admired the courage of Ryleigh, and the informative notes Jo published so frequently. It helps to know who and what to pray for. God loves all of you and we will continue to pray for healing, patience and strength for the road ahead.

  2. I bet that is a relief! Thanks for all the sharing. Here’s looking ahead to healing!

  3. Yay, Ryleigh! So glad to hear that things went well for you.

  4. Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about you all day. Peace and love! Way to go Ryleigh, you awesome, brave young woman!

  5. wow, well done you guys…hopefully Ryleigh is now on the road to recovery. Much love and kind thoughts, Mary

  6. Good news!!!

  7. Awesome News Jo! Ryleigh, you are such an inspiration! I am looking forward to seeing you two on Friday.

  8. thinking about you all – hope this marks your road to recovery xox

  9. Thank you Lord for bringing Ryleigh through this surgery!

  10. Glastonbury hear. Okay, I HAD to leave that….where does self-correct for “glad” get THAT? :0D quick healing, Ryleigh!

  11. So glad to hear the surgery went well and is now behind you! May recovery be quick and smooth.

  12. So happy to hear, hope the good news continues. Praying for Ryleigh to stay positive and less pain.

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