2nd Attempt: Keep calm and carry on

Ryleigh has been recovering now for about 5 hours.  It is interesting how the post operative truth comes about after the operation! Ryleigh is not as comfortable as I thought she would be.  She has a hard time talking and gets very frustrated if we try to talk with her.  She has phlegm in her throat because of the tubes they used for the operation. It hurts her to cough it up and that got her frustrated. She got us to put her bed up a bit and then made the effort to try and cough.  Her determination worked and now she is back to sleep. 

The nurse has been so helpful and real with me.  She is knows her stuff and let me know what needs to happen with Ryleigh while she is recovering from surgery.  She said Ryleigh will not like it and will find the next week very tough.  I need to be prepared for a cranky, upset, mad, and frustrated daughter for the next while as she heals.  Gee that sounds like fun!  I find it challenging because she does not really want any TLC from me — in fact the opposite she wants me sitting quietly beside the bed just in case something happens.  I miss the hugs and cuddles and kisses on the ouchies.  But, this is not about my needs only hers and I will quietly sit and wait for her next gesture or grumble. 


But a wise friend of mine reminded me that a few days of this is nothing compared to length of this adventure.  I will keep calm and carry on.

4 responses to “2nd Attempt: Keep calm and carry on”

  1. When each moment is just itself without evaluation then there is no worry. Love, patience and peace to you… Breath deeply…

  2. And I’ m sending you a huge hug for your needs!!! Hang in there!

  3. Hang in there, Jo and Ryleigh and Chloe. Your strength is inspiring and it is also okay to acknowledge how you are all feeling. It is hard as a parent. If only we could take the pain instead. Love you!

  4. I am so thankful for your sharing. Yes, this is a very tough road, full of ruts and potholes. However, you are strong, surrounded by love, positive thoughts and prayers from so many. Feel the love and support. Strength and endurance to you:)

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