It looks like Ryleigh will be required to have surgery to relieve the issues with her bowel. All I know is that the GI team is in the process of making arrangements to have her admitted and start the process towards surgery. Currently, there is a shortage of beds at the hospital and so we are in a holding pattern to get started. We are very comfortable at Easter Seal House and can wait for a bed to open up. Our room has become a little studio apartment. We are cooking in the community kitchen a bit more which has allowed us to get to know other families. Chloe is restarting her school work and working hard to catch up on assignments. Ryleigh is trying to manage her pain by resting and not moving around too much. I am trying to keep us in a routine. Ironically, I enjoy the normal sibling squabbles between the two girls. Weird or what?

She is in pain most of the time and having frequent bleeding. We are not sure of the type of surgery whether it will be a resection or a full removal of the bowel. We have not had these conversations yet with the surgeons or the GI team. This is her last option and I am once again hoping this helps stop the pain, bleeding, and frequent trips to the bathroom. Hopefully, she will arrive back in Vanderhoof ready for spring. Once I learn more I will post.

3 responses to “Surgery”

  1. Sending hopeful thoughts and prayers ❤

  2. thinking of you all – happy thoughts and results luv ya

  3. Here’s to a successful procedure that will improve her quality of life! Good luck with the prep. XOXO

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