Tonight we heard from one of the members of the GI team and they have been putting things in motion to get Ryleigh surgery time. It won’t be this weekend but will happen sometime next week….possibly even Monday. The nurse is not sure what surgery Ryleigh will be having but it will definitely be removing part or all of her colon. We don’t know if she will need to wear an ostomy bag or not — or whether it will be temporary or permanent. A lot of unknowns. We will spend the weekend at Easter Seal House monitoring Ryleigh and relaxing. If she gets worse they will admit her but the team and I decided that it is best to stay at the house until she needs to be admitted for surgery. More relaxing for her and we can stay with Chloe.

At first Ryleigh was scared but after a bit she started being quite peppy and cheerful. I was a little surprised by the behaviour. I asked her if she was happy to have the surgery and she said oddly she feels a sense of relief. Both her and Chloe are playing a board game and seem to be quite content.

I am once again totally amazed by my daughters. The positive attitude and resilience they both have shown inspires me. Take a moment to embrace the innocence and simplicity of our youth – they see things in a less jaded way and truly have so much to teach all of us. positive-attitude

12 responses to “Relief….???”

  1. Praying that the surgery will go well!

  2. Thinking of you! Rest and be strong! Courage and strength to you!

  3. I guess that it always the uncertainty that is the hardest. I am glad the three of you are together! In Vancouver next weekend for meetings. Hope I can stop in!

  4. I think that given more of a “known” probably is a relief! Sending healing wishes and a “calm” weekend! Call me or let me know if you want me to call!

  5. Lol love the mosquito joke. Ok Rys, I’m here with you sweet heart!

  6. I am thankful you and the girls are able to be together through this roller coaster ride, Jo. Praying for wisdom for Ryleigh’s medical team, strength and encouragement for you, and quick healing for Ryleigh. You are so strong to always see the positive version, Jo.

  7. Ms. M-G from Vanderhoof Avatar
    Ms. M-G from Vanderhoof

    Oh my! Your girls are amazing! I hope this turns out to be the answer Ryleigh needs to feel good again. The mosquito cartoon was great!!
    Love and hugs!!

  8. The unknown is the hardest. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And I now have a new respect for mosquitoes!! Well sort of! 🙂

  9. Kids are pretty amazing. I throughly enjoyed having Chloe here, she is so wise and mature and I was so grateful to spend time with her. I am sure the relief of knowing that getting the “diseased part out” may really help is a comfort for Ryleigh, but a little scary for mom. I will be in touch and I can help out in anyway.

  10. Kaitlin, Megan and Debra Avatar
    Kaitlin, Megan and Debra

    We too are praying for wisdom, peace and healing!!

  11. innocence: what value can we place on this?

    1. Don’t let them grow up before they have too. Act your age means be a child! It is so important that our children learn that our lives are precious and to live each day with eagerness and possibility.

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