We all need something to lean on….

Today was a wet and rainy day but it wasn’t cold and snowy. Ryleigh was up very late last night — we got watching some television and she got really into reading Catching Fire (part 2 of the Hunger Games series). The steroid, prednisone, keeps her up too even when she is feeling tired.
Last night Ryleigh had another nose bleed which is one of the side effects of her anticoagulant (blood thinner). It lasted almost 8 minutes – we were told if it went over 10 she is to head to emergency. Luckily we did not have to go there. I can tell the anticoagulant is working because of the nose bleeds and the bruises she is getting from her injections. It is not a pretty sight but she says they don’t hurt.

I finally convinced Ryleigh to get a cane. We found one that fit her but she was reluctant because it was quite ugly and looked like “it belongs to an old lady”. She was right…


It was black and brown. So we decided to head to Michael’s and figure out a way to make it more youthful and something a teenager would like. She found a bin of duck tape and created a fun looking cane that anybody her age would be proud to have – maybe she will start a new fashion trend. If you look closely it is leopard and zebra print.


She now uses it to get around and finds that it is helping her. She says that if feels like she has another leg helping her out as she finally admits that her left leg just isn’t the way it should be.

Ryleigh learned some difficult lessons – accepting that you may be different than others and being willing to lean on something when needed. I am glad she is getting used to the cane here so she will feel more comfortable using it at home.

Ryleigh walked for bit farther today since she could use the cane. However, it tuckered her right out and she hasn’t left her bed for almost the whole afternoon. This is going to be a slow but steady process – no quick fixes.

I am getting used to my little kitchenette. We have a two burner stove, small fridge, and sink. It reminds me of my university days — although I am a little reluctant to eat the food I ate back then. I am trying to be as creative and healthy as possible. Luckily there is a Safeway across the street and we can get fresh fruits and veggies, and the odd roasted chicken.

I am also practicing my knitting….thanks to Sally for delivering some supplies to me. I am getting the basic technique down pat but trying to read a pattern to make something….you need a whole different degree for that! I will have to get someone to help me decipher it — it looks like it will be my students as I understand there are some lovely young ladies knitting some amazing scarfs for fundraising for Ryleigh.

I have learned the lesson again that it is okay to lean on others just as Ryleigh has learned to lean on her new cane. My gratitude to all that have let me lean…

7 responses to “We all need something to lean on….”

  1. Jo, lean anytime! ;0)

  2. Lessons are free if you want them, Jo. Leaning is also a no-charge friend thing.

  3. Wow….. You and Ryleigh are getting all crafty on me. Proud of both of you. Glad to hear Ryleigh is regaining some of her strength and stamina each day. Lean on me anytime. D

  4. The song Lean on me comes to mind luv ya both. An XL sweater brown tones please lol

  5. Ry, totally agree on the cane. Good work with the tape!

  6. Ryleigh is wiser than a lot of elder folk I know – learning the lean lesson is an important life-skill. When I’ve needed to practice this, you-know-who (Jo) has been there….
    I’m loving your updates. Those Hunger Games books are gripping, aren’t they?

  7. will be over to help with the knitting as soon as you are back…hugs

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