The love of a dog…Jakob


Our Jakie is such gentle and kind dog. I would have never thought that when Chloe showed me the website with Jakob as a puppy and convinced me that he would be a good addition to our family. Little did I know that visiting with Jakob would be the incentive for Ryleigh to get out of bed and her room. Twice this weekend she has ventured out of her room and downstairs to spend time with Jakob for a second tim today.what a joyful time. He was well worth the late night walks in the snow, the chewed up toys, pencils, and other things, and all the other little inconveniences. Thanks Chloe for convincing me to get Jakob – but no we are not getting another dog!


Ryleigh’s hemoglobin continues to drop – they are taking a fair bit of blood each day to monitor her PTT levels and her system is having a hard time making up for lost cells. Hopefully that is the only reason the hemoglobin is lower. This results in her stamina continuing to be low also. She feels fatigue and exhaustion after any kind of exertion. They are considering a blood transfusion for her to help kick start her system and help her recover faster.Ryleigh has been bedridden since the middle of October. The doctors said that it will take slow steps to help get her back to a normal energy and activity level.
There is talk about rehabilitation activities starting to get her to increase her stamina. The goal is to be able to walk for more than 5 minutes at a time in the next few days. Ryleigh needs to develop her lung capacity again. She has lung exercises to do with a respiratory exerciser. Her goal is to get all three balls up in the exerciser. She can confidently do one right now!


The team of doctors are going to be meeting on Wednesday to come up with a detailed plan for Ryleigh’s continued recovery. The layers of care have been complicated. There is still great debate about if the three things are related – brain lesion, clot, IBD. Or are they three separate issues?
We need to know because we have to make sure they don’t happen again. Patience is very important.


6 responses to “The love of a dog…Jakob”

  1. What a great picture of Ryleigh and Jake together!

  2. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    God Bless you all…isn’t animal therapy SO underated!!
    Our congregation said prayers for Ryleigh and you all today.
    Keep up the good work Ryleigh….we love you.

  3. Wonderful to see Ryleigh up and about. Have a good week. I will touch base with you later. D

  4. You can see the love between Ryleigh and Jake, such a great thing he is able to visit her!

  5. ………i hope “ therapy” is working for Jo as well. hugs from the North. i will send plenty of hugs and kisses from Makenna, Sarah, and LInden, with Jen this weekend.

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