Ryleigh, this is not a House episode!


Ryleigh has always been a fan of the television show HOUSE. As she has spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and with many doctors – she reflects on every situation wondering if it is similar to a House episode.

Episode 1 — AIR
Ryleigh’s sensitivity to how her IV works has been a concern of hers through this experience. Her first connection with the TV show was that her IV machine kept on beeping that it had air in it. She had watched an episode about a patient that almost died because there was an air bubble in the IV line. She was quite upset that would happen to her but the nurse and the doctor both explained to her that it takes a large amount of air for it to actually harm a person. Also, that is why the machine beeps to help prevent the air from going through the IV.

Episode 2 — Potassium
When Ryleigh was admitted into the hospital she needed IV fluids and some potassium to help with her dehydration. She was on potassium for a night and the next day her doctor checked her. She was quite concerned because she had a sharper pain in her tummy in a different spot. She was told this is where her liver was but that it seemed to be okay. Well….the doctor left and she started to spin that wonderful brain of hers. She had seen on a show that you could get liver damage from too much potassium. She really thought that was suffering from potassium poisoning! She would not listen to me about it but once the doctor came back and explained to her that was not happening she was quite relieved.

Episode 3 – It smells sweet…

Ryleigh had her third IV changed. She smelled a sweet smell. She put her hand with the old IV up to her nose and said oh no, it smells really sweet. On this one episode of House a girl was really sick with bruises and they knew that she was really sick. Ryleigh was once again very concerned. The nurse very nicely explained that the sweet smell was from one of her IV’s solutions and that was very normal.

Kidding aside, she has said a few times that she wishes that there was a real House. She would really want him to figure out how to make her 100% better.

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