Mommy, will I ever get better?

sick girlIt is about three hours after Ryleigh’s colonoscopy. The results were given to us in a brief form after the procedure. There is definitely inflammation and active disease in the lower part of her colon. No surprise there! Ryleigh basically said I told you to her doctor. The big question is what to do about it. The idea right now is to continue weaning her off the prednisone to see if her remicade treatment was successful and the inflammation and disease will go into remission. As a result she may still have symptoms from the disease and she needs an eye kept on her. Her hemoglobin continues to drop because of the bleeding so she is fatigued and tired. We are working on getting her fed and watered!

After her procedure Ryleigh and I had a very good chat. She is very concerned that she will never get better and this is how she is going to live for the rest of her life. It was heartwrenching but I am confident that she will have a full recovery and we will be back home. Our goal is having her so much better that she will be ready to go back to school and live a regular life as best she can. We are still waiting for test results from California that will help the doctor’s decide what is happening. So, we are in a holding pattern again…waiting for decisions for the professionals and for Ryleigh to start getting better.

3 responses to “Mommy, will I ever get better?”

  1. Glad the colonoscopy was a success. And you are right! She will get better! XO

  2. Heidi-Ann Johns Avatar
    Heidi-Ann Johns

    Hey Ryleigh, Jo and Chloe, things will turn around but I have no idea how much this sucks for you guys I just know this sucks!!! take care love ya much.

  3. Just started following your blog. Oh my, what an ordeal, much love to you both.

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