On the lighter side…

A few things today gave us a bit of chuckle:)

Luckily I am allowed to use the shower in Ry’s room. Typically, I use a special shampoo for my thick, coarse, frizzy, curly hair. But, no luggage on the plane please! So the only shampoo they could find me here was baby shampoo. Now it was lovely because I had no tears when I washed my hair. I washed it at night, let it air dry. No gel or mousse — nothing! I woke up to a frizzy, curly, disheveled mess. Luckily, I have one scrunch so I put it up in this hip looking pony tail. I thought it looked very Vancouver like. I ask Ryleigh – “Does my hair look all right?” She replies, “Its beautiful mom for a stressed out, tired mom who is in the hospital with her sick daughter” Hmm, not sure how great it looked but she had a point.

Ryleigh had a meet and greet from one of the surgeons. He was a very nice man, funny,and got along well with Ryleigh. He asked her where she was from, She told him and he proceeded to say nice things about living there. Then we asked him…do you even know where it is. He sheepishly admitted that he was good at geography until he became a doctor but he really had no clue. Ryleigh thought this was so funny. I am grateful he focused on his biology and anatomy lessons – especially if he is going to be cutting into my daughter!

Ryleigh is getting a little tired of having her mom around all the time. She very nicely suggested I get out of here for awhile and get some lunch, do some shopping, anything to not have me hovering over her. So I took her advice knowing I could not be too long….she does need me to move her I V pole. I went down to South Granville with all the stores that are way above my savings account balance – but it was fun to look around. I did find Chapters and bought a few things for Ryleigh. I go to get on the bus that I thought was the right one. I ended up going for a bit of a scenic tour of
Vancouver but was a tad bit late getting back to Ryleigh. She informed me that maybe I should not be out for so long next time. Great, now I have a curfew. Guess I should use my translink app instead of wingin it!

A really fun part of today – was Ryleigh’s hair washing. How cool is this – they have this shower cap thing that you heat up in the microwave, put on your head and scrub into your hair. After about 3 minutes you remove the cap and your hair is washed and conditioned. Ryleigh loved it and it picked up her spirits. She also got a change of pj,s, We decided that they came from the North Pole and they are the outfit elves wear when they are naughty and go to jail! Doesn’t she look happy:


2 responses to “On the lighter side…”

  1. Aunt Melainie should be there loves giving those shampoos would have given me 1 evey day if she could have!! nice to see your smile. hang in there. wish we could help in some way but sure glad we can get updates like this. love ya

  2. Heidi-Ann Johns Avatar
    Heidi-Ann Johns

    The hat, pj’s and smile say it all !! thinking of you both love you. Auntie Heidi Uncle Eric and Suria.

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