Mom, your stepping on my I V again!

Anyone living, working, coaching, teaching, existing with preteens or almost teens knows that it takes loads of patience to understand the perspective the said youngster is experiencing. Their view of the world is slightly different than the rest of us. I am not saying is wrong just different. Now, my darling daughter, Ryleigh, is typically a witty, intelligent, fun loving, energetic and kind child but combine puberty with crohn’s and it is perfect storm of mood monster. Now, I totally understand that she is really sick and by all means she has a right to be miserable, irritable, cranky, snippy, and emotional. My goodness I sure would be –but my ability to keep my emotions and verbal retorts in tact has been tried. But, for the most part I held it together, leaving the room and giving us space seems to help except when I am gone too long and she needs me.

Ryleigh has developed a super sensitivity to her IV, this is not only a physical issue but an anxiety driven situation. It is not her fault she is anxious because earlier this week she did have an IV become interstitial – which means for whatever reason it was not in the vein but in the skin (I think that is right – still learning all the lingo!) It was very painful but she only made a few comments and the nurses believed it was just the typical stinging one feels when the fluid\medication is first put into the IV. Nevertheless, it took quite awhile before they realized that she had an issue. So, she had to have another IV put in her other hand. Now this shows Ryleigh’s patience and understanding- in having to go through another IV insertion.

Now this new IV is working fine The nurses here routinely check the site every hour. It is good. However, my patience is tested any time I am near the IV or IV pole. Again, not because of her but me. Ryleigh needs help getting to the bathroom – which for her can be very often. During this process I am responsible for unplugging, pushing the pole, and helping her navigate to the bathroom which is only a couple of meters from her bed. She is very weak and cannot push the pole by herself and so I am the pilot. Well, this pilot has crashed and burned many times – I turn the pole the wrong way, knock the machine, have my toe close to or on a tube or cord, or even trip over it. She is very concerned something is going to happen to her IV. So of course I hear about it from her…not all sweet and witty either. But, nothing has seriously happened to the IV and I just let the verbal barbs bounce off me.

One response to “Mom, your stepping on my I V again!”

  1. Well thanks for the laugh before bed!! Hang in there!!! Good luck!! We go through lots of teen midol here I can’t imagine putting a hospital stay, chrones, IV’s, boredom etc…..on top of that!!!!

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