Bumpy Landing

Ryleigh on Air Ambulance

Ryleigh made a 5 hour journey on 4 ambulances and one air ambulance to make the trip to BC Children’s Hospital. It was quite the trip but relieved to finally be in the best place possible to get her better.

She has settled in nicely to the wonderful care of the staff on 2B which ironically is the same floor Chloe was admitted to over 10 years ago for her leukemia. One of the nurses even remembered me. They are so child focused here and I am grateful that we live in a place that offers this kind of care.

Now if I could just find a clothing store that has plus size clothing it would be great! I was not allowed to take any luggage on the plane. I snuck a cami and a pair of clean underwear in my purse but I definitely need more clothes. My stuff will be shipped on Monday to arrive here in the next day or so.

Ryleigh has been in less pain since being in the hospital. Her pain meds have helped with the pain but she is still not eating or drinking. In the last 5 days she has lost 3.5 pounds. Ouch…that is not a good sign.

The waiting game continues…

6 responses to “Bumpy Landing”

  1. Hi Jo. So glad for this blog. First thing I’ve been doing each morning is checking for updates from you. I feel so sad for you and Ryleigh and hope they help her quickly. How do I find this blog daily?

    1. Hey Candice, I am finding that I am a little understimulated as I sit in the room with Ryleigh watching YTV. I thought I would try to blog my experiences. I am not sure how you could get the blog updates. Right now I will share on my facebook wall when I write a new post. Thanks for keeping in touch a bit lonely on my own here. Especially with a very grumpy Ryleigh as my only company! I know it will get better. I will connect with you soon – maybe a phone call coming your way!

  2. there is a place on the bottom corner of the blog to click follow then you enter email address and it will send updates there. You have to confirm on your e-mail. Word press also has an app you can add to your phone that will allow you to follow blogs you choose there.

  3. thanks Jennifer this is new yo me

  4. Cathy Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Cathy Fitzpatrick

    Hey Jo….
    Well just letting you know you and ur family are in our thoughts:) your an amazing woman and mother to say the least. Hugs and much love

  5. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    Hey Jo….
    Spoke with Dan yesterday and just wanted to say that you & the girls are in our prayers! We’ll be following your blog.
    Ray & Laura

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