Making a tough day better…

ryleigh and shake

After Ryleigh’s appointment and a bit of rest we ventured out and about to distract ourselves from the disappointing day. Ronald MacDonald House loaned us a wheelchair and so we went to the Skytrain station and found Ryleigh’s favourite restaurant, White Spot!

We did not rent a car this trip so travelling is limited.  Having the wheelchair has allowed Ryleigh to get out with me.  The bus and sky train are more accessible and easier.

Ryleigh has 3 scopes today. It will be a day spent at the hospital and then resting for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow Ryleigh gets her hair done!  Yes, purple again.

Thanks for all the positive and supportive comments…seems like we are on this roller coaster that never ends!

One response to “Making a tough day better…”

  1. I am glad you got out a bit together. For all you’ve been through with the not great news and upcoming scopes, you sure look strong Ryleigh! Thinking lots about all of you. Praying for a positive turn of events.

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