An acute, painful inflammation of the nerve ganglia…

 Ryleigh is at St. John hospital in Vanderhoof receiving an anti viral medication to help reduce the symptoms and further blisters and rash from the varicella-zoster virus. It is more commonly known as shingles. She started having discomfort a week ago. After some visits to doctor’s office and emergency as well as discussing with her medical team at BCCH she is receiving the intravenous medications.  She must come to the hospital at 10pm, 6am, & 2pm. It takes between 1.5-3 hours. Her IV’s are not holding probably due to her dehydration and scar tissue from her many IV’s in the past. I have requested she gets a PIC line which is stronger and she will not have to experience all the pokes. She will have to go to Prince George to get it. 

Ryleigh will need to get this med until there are no new blisters. Usually takes 7-10 days … That means 21-30 trips to the emergency every 8 hours. Whew. So I am balancing work and hospital. Which I am preferring better than traveling to Vancouver. Nice to be home going through this. Crossing fingers that we don’t need to travel. 

Ryleigh is having her ups and downs. Pain has resulted in difficult sleeps. She is tired of her body not liking her. But she maintains her witty sense of humour, positive outlook, and hopes that tomorrow will be better. 

One response to “An acute, painful inflammation of the nerve ganglia…”

  1. She comes by her positive outlook and sense of humour honestly!

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