Ryleigh’s Birthday – Mom Receives the BEST GIFT EVER!!!

happy birthday daughter

After 4 years of pain, hospitals, doctors, surgeries, unknowns, ostomy, stem cell transplant, and not living at home…we celebrate Ryleigh’s 14th birthday with joy and gratitude that her health continues to be improving and that her true sparkly, funny, bright, and carefree self is returning.

She is an amazing young woman that keeps surprising me everyday with:

– her positive attitude towards life,

-her witty comments that are laced with facts she has found deep within the internet,

– her love and passion for writing,

– her daily appreciation that Mom MADE her get a phone!

-her laugh that fills a room with hope and joy,

-her wisdom about things she should not be wise about yet still innocent in other ways

– her loving relationship with her older sister, Chloe

– her easy going attitude embracing her  “differences” like the visibility of her ostomy or her very short haircut and not getting caught up in the artificial standards of beauty many teens have for themselves and others

– her love for life and all it has to offer without being bitter or resentful that she has “lost” 4 years of her childhood.

She is truly the most precious gift!  I am blessed and seldom take it for granted how lucky I am!

One response to “Ryleigh’s Birthday – Mom Receives the BEST GIFT EVER!!!”

  1. After all you have been through…. all of you truly deserve this HAPPINESS!!!

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