Cell Factory needs to start working…

Ryleigh has had a low key day. Her blood work came back and her bone marrow is still on a coffee break. Her ANC is still zero and her hemoglobin has dropped a bit. The peripheral stem cell collection that was scheduled for tomorrow has been put off until her body starts to show that it’s bone marrow is creating stem cells. I still have not had a discussion with the attending doctor but it is the weekend….more will happen tomorrow I am sure.

Chloe came to the hospital to visit tonight and we all had a good laugh together over silly things. Ryleigh has not been eating or drinking very much….this is a concern too. I have stocked up on some of her favourites but she says she has an anti-craving for food right now. She just does not feel up to eating or drinking.
So, we are on a holding pattern…waiting for her body to start doing what it is supposed to be doing. Fingers crossed….

4 thoughts on “Cell Factory needs to start working…

  1. Come on stem cell factory, you can do it!! Are the meds making you anti-crave? Hope you have some good moments today, and something appeals to you Ryleigh! We love you! GO CELLS GO!

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