Cell Factory needs to start working…

Ryleigh has had a low key day. Her blood work came back and her bone marrow is still on a coffee break. Her ANC is still zero and her hemoglobin has dropped a bit. The peripheral stem cell collection that was scheduled for tomorrow has been put off until her body starts to show that it’s bone marrow is creating stem cells. I still have not had a discussion with the attending doctor but it is the weekend….more will happen tomorrow I am sure.

Chloe came to the hospital to visit tonight and we all had a good laugh together over silly things. Ryleigh has not been eating or drinking very much….this is a concern too. I have stocked up on some of her favourites but she says she has an anti-craving for food right now. She just does not feel up to eating or drinking.
So, we are on a holding pattern…waiting for her body to start doing what it is supposed to be doing. Fingers crossed….

4 responses to “Cell Factory needs to start working…”

  1. Come on, body!!! You can do it!! Thinking of u all!

  2. Thanks Maureen, I wish Ryleigh would let me take a picture of how she looks when she is trying to will her body to make more cells. It is really funny….a mix between yoga and hiccupping….lol.

  3. Come on stem cell factory, you can do it!! Are the meds making you anti-crave? Hope you have some good moments today, and something appeals to you Ryleigh! We love you! GO CELLS GO!

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