Chloe! I told you I would blog about you, but really…

My intention of starting the “new” blog was to move away from medical experiences and start reflecting on recovery and living outside of hospitals.  But,

Here I am sitting in a hospital room at St. John Hospital feeling surprisingly comfortable in my setting!  Chloe has been admitted as she has been having swollen and  severe joint and muscle pain for almost 2.5 weeks.  She cannot be touched as it is painful.  She has difficulty getting comfortable in bed, couch, even standing.   At first there was thought that it was a nasty virus (which I am hoping that is the case). I am so grateful for Dr. Dhillon and  the wonderful team at the Omineca Clinic and Emergency who are taking Chloe’s pain and issues seriously and trying to find out what is going on.

Chloe has been struggling with daily tasks for the last week.  I knew things were getting worse when she has difficulty texting  or using  her computer anymore! It has been very trying but I am confident that she will get the care she needs and we will figure this out.  I just want her to get better so she can continue with horseback riding and hanging out.

After Chloe was admitted, I went home and got some items for the night’s stay.  It was not a difficult task – this time I knew exactly what I needed to make Chloe’s time (and mine) more comfortable.  It was like I was on autopilot — pillow, blanket, coffee, water bottles, fruit, p&b sandwiches, medications, change of clothes, pj’s etc…but most importantly –  electronics: computer, kindle, phones, and chargers!!!

Ryleigh stayed at home to look after Dan :).  She is not feeling well herself and will be travelling back down to Vancouver for some more tests and assessments as the GI team that came to Prince George last week are unclear of why she is not recovering.  She has experienced some more symptoms that are IBD related: mouth sores, nausea, and extreme fatigue. She also had a couple of incidents of neurological symptoms like some vision issues and some facial and hand weakness/numbness.  But thankfully it hasn’t happened again.

Life is such a journey — not perfect but still amazing!

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