Another Yield….

Another Yield....

My this journey seems to be full of unexpected twists and turns. Today while having a routine pouch change – we are being trained by the ostomy nurse as we need to do it independently before leaving Vancouver – the nurse noticed that Ryleigh’s output was not normal for an ileostomy patient. As well as her output continues to decrease in the last 48 hours.
We were told by the fellow (he has been the primary physician from surgery looking after her) that she could be discharged on Thursday and that he is not worried about her.
However, the attending surgeon disagreed after consulting with the nurses, myself, and Ryleigh. He does not want her leaving until she is eating and drinking the proper amount to maintain digestive health. He does not want to see her need to be admitted again. I appreciated him not wanting to rush her out of here. After all the things that have gone wrong a few more days in the hospital is not that big of a deal. I would rather her be ready to leave then rushing to get out of here. That being said, I was looking so forward to getting the heck out of here and being at least one step closer to getting home. Staying at Easter Seals is not easy but at least there are better cooking facilities, no hourly interruptions, a bathroom that I can use in the room, and the noises are less “beepy”.
Currently, she has hardly eaten today — she is feeling miserable. I am not sure what is going on as the last couple of days she has been doing fairly well and wanting to eat and drink. Once again I am in the worry zone but I will not borrow trouble and hope that after a good rest tonight she will be up to the challenge of eating and drinking enough. If not, the surgeon informed Ryleigh that she would need another NG tube for feeding. That is definitely something she doesn’t want. Crossing fingers.

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  1. Kinda been there where the hospital has the best of intentions and sends you home…but ya just weren’t ready…hang in there and fight to stay until you feel it’s the right move…😄

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