Some TLC

Hair 1

Some TLC

Ryleigh’s hair was fixed! Amazing how there are ways to make patients feel more comfortable. This hair washing basin is designed for washing hair in a bed. Ryleigh loved it and her hair became much tamer.

Ryleligh is slowly starting to walk more. She is still attached to her IV pole with 6 lines so it is quite the production to get her mobile. We are hoping that she can have some of the lines removed. She still needs to be on her IV anticoagulant (blood thinner) as she will be having one last procedure to remove the filter in her vein. We are not sure when that is happening – hopefully it will be the last time she will be sedated for a long time. Not sure when this will happen.

We are all trying to adapt to the stoma and ostomy bag. It has taken some getting used to but I am confident that it will become just another part of Ryleigh. She receives training on Thursday to learn about how to use it, clean, and replace it. I assume I will have to be doing this for awhile for her until she gets more used to the idea. It takes some getting used to but it is much better than what we were dealing with before the surgery….very proud of how Ryleigh is dealing with it.

Recovery involves continued patience. Ryleigh is still very tired and events such as her hair washing makes her very tired. It is hard to find the balance between activity and rest.

I am weary but happy with the emerging of my happier, more content daughter.

2 responses to “Some TLC”

  1. Hearing about Ryleigh’s ongoing recovery and return is empoering for my day also! Praying you will continue to have wisdom and patience in how you help your girls heal and grow as well as how you care for yourself, Jo.

  2. its a amazing how setting a goal, or a simple realization in this case, enables sanity for mom……..”Recovery involves continued patience……………..I am weary but happy with the emerging of my happier, more content daughter.”

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