Slow and steady

I realize I have not updated in a couple of nights. It has been quite the few days.  Ryleigh’s recovery has not been typical and we are slowly helping her get better. 

Ryleigh continues to have a great team behind her.  The surgeons and pain management doctors are on the same page now and are realizing that she has complex pain issues.  Ryleigh turned a bit of a corner last night — she asked for her ipad and used it for a couple of hours.  She slept a bit more last night.  This morning she had a sponge bath but all the movement made her even more sore. 

Ryleigh has been through a lot and as a result this makes recovery even more complicated.  Her chronic pain and acute pain issues are challenging to manage for her, myself, and her team.  Along with the pain are her worries about something else going wrong as she has had so many things happen to her.  The anxiety she feels is contributing to her pain.  She feels like she has no control over anything so we have to find the fine balance between pushing her to do the work needed to recover and letting her have some control over what is happening to her body.

Children are much different then adults when it comes to recovery.  They do not always understand what is needed and feel like their whole sense of self is being altered with.  This is why we are going slow — many children would be walking around by now but she will just take more time.  We are not in a hurry and not rushing to finish this. 

This process continues to be challenging on those who love and care for Ryleigh.  I know I have had some moments of wondering why this is happening and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I have to remove myself from my feelings and realize that it is about what Ryleigh needs right now.  She is going through this and I have to do whatever it takes to make her recovery successful.  I am concerned about her sense of self and feelings about things – she is sad and upset.  But time will heal..

6 responses to “Slow and steady”

  1. Moment by moment. Even if we don’t have health issues, this is still the way we need to live life. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a dream. So live all your todays with positive grace, so the yesterdays become wonderful memories, and the tomorrows are hopeful:) Cheering you on! Hugs!

  2. Jo, you are a GOOD mom and the PERFECT mom for Ryleigh. You have those wonderful motherly instincts that might seem a bit cloudy during this season, but you can still trust them. Children respond to LOVE in any shape or form, whether at times firm or gentle and layed back. We know you are not lacking in the area of loving your daughters! May your heart and soul be filled with so much love that EVERY interaction with your daughters is LACED with LOVE!!!

  3. So true Jo, it would be hard for adults to go through this, but we have more life experience on our side and are not just starting out like Ryleigh (a tough road to go on especially at her young age) . It will take time and all of what Ryleigh is going through will help her in the healing process. You are the right person to help her understand her emotions and to feel it, learn from it, and make it part of a stronger you. I have watched you do this your whole life and I have no misconceptions that you will not be there the way you need to for your kids. I am in awe of your little equilateral triangle b/w you and your girls, slow and steady does in the end win. Hugs to you my awesome big sis! And gentle hugs to my sweet Ry-girl and Chloe Bear! xoxoxo

  4. oh Jo what a journey, what doesn’t break us makes us stronger……much love and good thoughts

  5. Some more words for whatever they may or may not be worth: let go of expectations and let emptiness enter into the space between sensing and perceiving. An uncontrolled future opens space for miracles to happen, even if the miracle is only a moment of peace on the midst of things as they are…

  6. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    OH JO…that beautiful little girl is so blessed to have a mother like you…

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