Ryleigh’s room has been invaded by her Intravenous Pole! It takes up half of the room. She has been given more medicine to help with her pain but unfortunately her PICC line could not take anymore volume. So, she had to have another IV in her arm. I have lost count but I think we are almost at 20 for IV’s in the last 8 weeks. The medication has her sleeping better although we are not sure whether her pain has improved or not. The pain team said the first 3 days are the worst and we are just finishing day 2.

Chloe and I are leaning on each other as we get the dirty looks and grumblings from Ryleigh. We are both looking forward to seeing her smile again.

3 responses to “Invasion….”

  1. Chloe (Ryleigh's one and only favourite sister) Avatar
    Chloe (Ryleigh’s one and only favourite sister)

    I feel like when we aren’t looking her pole is going to mutate and attck us all! Terrifying! Lol

  2. Chloe there may be a short story in there somewhere…Attack of the Killer IV Pole or Invasion of the Tubes…Ryleigh will be smiling again very soon, first week post surgery is a toughie I am sure! Love you all!

  3. Too funny, Chloe! By the way, let me know if I can help out with Romeo and Juliet! Hopefully only a few more days, Ryleigh and then, relief!! Hang in there! Hey, Jo, XO!

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