Another Visit to ER


Here we are again! We had a seemingly good day. But starting around 9:30 at night Ryleigh started having pain in her tummy again. She was upset because it felt just like the Crohn’s pain she has had before. She was okay dealing with it because she was going to be seeing her doctor the next morning at her Remicade treatment. Ryleigh settled down to watch a show she had downloaded from itunes telling me to get some sleep. About an hour she woke me up saying she had diarrhea. About 45 minutes later she had more this time with blood.
We knew that meant getting to the hospital and getting some help. Bleeding is an issue normally but on blood thinners it is another thing to think about.
Emergency got her settled right away, checked her out, another I V (#14!), blood tests, and now we are waiting for the next step. I am sure they will be consulting with the GI doctor on call and see what she needs next.

So now I was on the phone with GI fellow on call. She seemed a little frustrated that we were in Emergency. She kept asking me how much blood was in the stool- i dont know, i just saw red! She believes that because she is due for a remicade that is why the symptoms are coming back. Possibly? Or is it because Ryleigh is tapering off of prednisone?
Nevertheless, we were told to watch for any bleeding whatsoever and treat it seriously. So we saw blood, we came to emergency. I am not going to apologize for bringing her in. So many weird things have gone wrong that I am hypersensitive and will be advocating for Ryleigh. Geesh!
So another extremely long night/morning, remicade treatment (I am assuming) then we will wait and see. Not sure if I am confident or comfortable coming back as planned on Saturday. We have a spot indefinitely at Easter Seals. Decision will be made later in the week.

4 responses to “Another Visit to ER”

  1. Hugs to all of you ❤ ❤

  2. Jo, I can understand those feelings from docs on call and not seeing your own. Hope that coffee and a little sleep will bring some clarity of mind and emotions. I love you guys! The sun has been shining here the last couple of days yet with it brings annoying icy side walks and side roads. Vitamin D is really wonderful though!

  3. Hey Jo, call me at any time of the day or night if you need a pep talk! You are doing an awesome job advocating for your kidlet! I enjoyed a little play time with Jakob today and did Jax and Dex!

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