Off the grid until Saturday

Ryleigh has been discharged but she needs to stay here for a couple more weeks. She has a remicade treatment on the 13th. As well we need to keep an eye on her for bleeding and neurological changes. She also needs reconditioning which will involve short outings and walks. Easier to do in the temperate climate of Vancouver.

We are staying at Easter Seal’s House now. The WiFi is not the greatest. I will have to change my routine and blog at the Starbucks across the street! I will explain more about her discharge, diagnosis, and prognosis as I am sipping a coffee.

8 thoughts on “Off the grid until Saturday

  1. We can only pray that the EXPERTS know best. God will walk with you always.
    Tell Ryleigh we will continue to pray for you all every day.
    God Bless you all.

  2. How wonderful that Ryleigh is without an IV pole and can begin the restoration and rejuvenation process! It is supposed to be sunny but perhaps even our grayness could be a welcome change from hospital walls. So thankful for the improvements you two are experiencing. Enjoy that time together with your girls, Jo, and let me know if you need a visit.

  3. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction (or maybe Starbucks just makes me think happy thoughts)! Keep us posted when you can and call if you need anything.

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