Small Steps

Ryleigh has been ever more courageous. She has realized that pain management is not about being weak or not “sucking it up”. In fact, she realizes that asking for help and receiving help is a brave thing to do. Ryleigh is now on some managed pain relief and she is more active and upbeat.
Tonight she was tired of the food that we have in our bins in our room. She decided she wanted to go to the vending machine. She got dressed and managed to hobble to the vending machine. It may seem like a simple thing to most but to us it was quite a triumph. She walked and used her weak and sore leg AND she was able to eat a nutrigrain bar using the proper techniques for eating that she was taught….way to go my darling girl!

She is now exhausted but very proud of herself and I am so happy and deeply proud.


10 responses to “Small Steps”

  1. Waaaahoooo!! Cheer! cheer! You go girl! Can you hear my cheering from here?? Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Kirstin Johns-Bell Avatar
    Kirstin Johns-Bell

    OMG, that is INCREDIBLE and is such a triumph. So proud of you Ry-girl!

  3. Yay Ryleigh! Can’t wait to come see you this evening. I’m bringing a lot of EDS love with me!

  4. Fantastic Ry!!

  5. You should be PROUD, HAPPY, and … EXHAUSTED…..You and Your Family are waaaayyyyyy beyond AMAZING!!!! I miss the Three of You ! Big HUGS.

  6. Way to go Ryleigh! BTW that is some fancy IV pole you have!

  7. Ray & Laura MacKenzie Avatar
    Ray & Laura MacKenzie

    Right on Ryleigh….keep up the good work…GOD BLESS YOU GIRL!!!

  8. HURRAY!!!

  9. Hi Jo, This is a blast from the past. Remember me from your math workshops? I remember, at the time, you told me that you had a daughter who had medical issues. I can so relate to your life as a “hospital mom”. I have spent so much time in various hospitals (including St. Pauls) with various family members and friends.
    I must say, your blogs so far have caused me to shed a little tear. All I can say is that I hope that by the time you get this, your daughter will be well on her way to recovery. I will certainly be saying some prayers for you all Take care and God Bless, Marian Mills Burns Lake.

  10. Go vending, go vending!!!!!!! Good on you!!!!!!
    Kylee sends hellos!!!

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