Not another one! I.V. # 8


Ryleigh has had 8 IV’s in the last two weeks and she is so tired of needles.  I continue to be astounded by her courage.  Today continues to show me what she is made of!   She had her braces taken off, isolated in her room, no food, clear fluids only, MRI, then surprise, surprise, another IV!!!

The hardest part today that made me tear up and then have a good cry later was when she was excited to see what her teeth looked like without braces.  As she looked in the mirror she had an expression of disbelief and then sadness.  Tears welled up in her left eye as her right is having difficulty with tear making.  She did not truly understand how different her face looked.  It was so disheartening to see the fear in her eyes that this was scary and she was dealing with something different then the Crohn`s.

No news from MRI…hopefully that means good news.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a day of answers as we should be getting most of the test results back.

I will keep you posted. 

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