I feel yucky!

Ryleigh has had a rough morning. She is very dizzy and sick to her stomach. The doctors have come in and she is severely dehydrated again. She has been in her bed all morning just barely able to move and doesn’t even want to watch TV or play her IPOD. You know she is feeling worse than usual if that is the case.

We have had visits today…
Child Life came in and they provide support about procedures, getting out and about, doing things that are bit more stimulating, as well as helping Chloe out if she needs it.
Doctors – concerned about her dehydration. She is having an MRI this afternoon to see a different view of her gut. They also said she will be set up with some Physio as she has ethesitis (sp?) in one of her hips — basically the place where her muscles and tendons join to the bone is inflamed and the best thing right now is the meds she is already taking and some stretches. Ryleigh is immuno suppressed so that we have to be careful when she goes out and about. Apparently there is nora virus in other hospitals right now but not Childrens. There is concern it might be making its way here. She needs to mask up when she goes outside of her room. That is all she needs right now is to get a virus.

I.V. team — Ryleigh needs another IV…partly for her MRI but also for her to have more fluids via I V so that she can be rehydrated. They have a specialized team that comes in and does the IV, they are quick, fast, and really good with scared kids.

Teachers – Chloe is serviced by the school room here. Even though she is an EBUS student she has the support of teachers here and the opportunity to laugh and hang out with other kids her age.
Tomorrow Science world is coming and I hope Ryleigh is up for going to see them. She loves Science World!

3 responses to “I feel yucky!”

  1. Oh, I hope she is feeling up to science world as well! Sounds fun! Tough chicly and mamma bird! ❤

  2. Kirstin Johns-Bell Avatar
    Kirstin Johns-Bell

    I know when your in it kind of becomes the norm to get all the doctor lingo, etc. But I am seriously Wow-ed by the lot of you. Proud of the bond you have and hoping for some relief for all of you very soon. Love you! xoxoxoxo

  3. I hope the MRI gives you some more information – everything helps. Love and hugs (virtual and non-germy) all around.

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