I can tell that Ryleigh is responding well to the Prednisone – the steroid she is taking to help bring down the inflammation caused by Crohn’s. Firstly, she got up this morning and had a smile on her face. She was chipper and even played a little joke on me and giggled. It was delightful.

Ryleigh had to have a new I V today as her old one was beginning to collapse in the vein. She needed a new one so that she could have her 5 hour Remicade treatment. She was really brave because she managed the IV insertion all on her own as I was having coffee with my dear friend Pam who came over from Vancouver Island to spend the day with us. Now, I have to say that I left to have coffee because Ryleigh “encouraged” me to go and spend some time — her way of nicely saying give me some space mom!

Ryleigh needs to eat and drink more. In the last 24 hours she lost another pound. At the beginning of the day she was not hungry but I could tell the Prednisone was beginning to have an effect because she is having major cravings! Prednisone does that – it makes her hungry and have definite cravings. I remember with Chloe she woke me up at 3 am because she was craving scalloped potatoes. Does Ryleigh have cravings YES! Today it was brownies, pizza, cesar salad, dorito chips, mashed potatoes, roasted chicken. The only one I have tonight was the brownies.
We really want her to eat. I think I will be making a trip to Safeway!

We are now waiting to see if the Remicade works. It is a bit of a waiting game as we have to determine whether the steroids are helping her or the Remicade.

I was glad to see Tim and Chloe arrive safely. Ryleigh spirits were lifted and it was nice to see hr so happy.

We now wait….I will keep in touch!

1 thought on “Cravings

  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date with your blog. Scott Klassen shared your blog address with the Ebus staff. Sheryl has been keeping up with it too.

    Thanks for the updates. You’re definately in our thoughts and prayers.

    Hang in there, Jo. You are an incredible mom!


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