Busy Day, so far…

Tim and Chloe made it safely down in the nick of time as I have seen the snow that has fallen at home. Ryleigh has enjoyed the company of someone besides mom. Chloe is so good for Ryleigh as she gets Ryleigh playing, laughing, and not just sitting/lying in her bed.

Tim is obsessed with finding free parking – the closest free spot he found was 8 blocks away! A bit too far. We ended up purchasing a pass for the week to find that the hospital gives free passes to families! I can understand his desire to find as much free stuff as possible. All the extras start to add up! Either way, I am so glad he is here – Ryleigh feels lots of love and support and I am not the only one that is getting the grumpy mood monster attitude! There is lots of it to share, I guess!

Ryleigh had remicade yesterday but we are not seeing any great improvement yet. In fact her bleeding has increased! She is an enigma and they are not sure what to do with her. On Friday she has a colonoscopy and that may give more information. She is still pale, fatigued, and hardly eating or drinking. They have increased her I V fluid but that does not seem to help with getting her to drink and eat more.

Thanks for all the e-mails,facebook messages, and comments on the blog. It is appreciated to have the contact with friends and family! I enjoy the comments, notes, and thoughts.

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